Feather Falling – Minecraft Guide

Feather Falling – Minecraft Guide

Feather Falling is an enchantment for Boots, and the highest level is IV. It reduces fall damage by a little for every

How Far Can You Fall With Feather Falling IV | Minecraft

How to Get and Use Feather Falling Enchantment in Minecraft? Best Guide 2022

In this Video, We will Guide You about: How to Get and Use Feather Falling Enchantment in Minecraft!

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Enchantments are the most useful thing in Minecraft, it can enhance your gameplay. Feather Falling is an Enchantment in Minecraft which is applied to boots. If you don’t want to die because of falling from a higher level you should definitely use Feather Falling Enchantment in Minecraft. Join the skibidi toilet song craze - Explore the madness!

This video will help you What is Minecraft Feather Falling Enchantment?

00:00 Introduction
00:15 Minecraft Feather Falling Enchantment:
00:31 Make Enchantment Table:
01:13 Make book shelf:
01:33 Make boots:
01:43 Feather Falling Enchantment:
02:19 Give Commands for Feather Falling in Minecraft


How far can you fall with each level of feather falling

How many blocks can you survive with feather falling enchantment in minecraft.

How to Get and Use Feather Falling Enchantment in Minecraft! | Easy Minecraft Tutorial

How to Get and Use Feather Falling Enchantment in Minecraft!
What does the Feather Falling enchantment do in Minecraft? In this video, I show you how to get feather falling, how to get a feather falling book and how to use feather falling in Minecraft. I go through this in detail, uses, and some interesting properties of feather falling in both Bedrock and Java Edition. This is for Minecraft Bedrock and Java Edition 1.16 and later. I hope you enjoyed this Minecraft feather falling tutorial!

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