Randolph Safehouse – Fallout 4 Guide

Randolph Safehouse – Fallout 4 Guide

The Randolph Safehouse missions are Railroad side quests that are given by Drummer Boy in Railroad HQ, after some other Railroad quests. The Randolph Safehouse

Lets Play Fallout 4! (Part 17) Doing the Randolph Safe House Quests!

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Randolph Safehouse 6 (Vault 95) – Fallout 4

Vault 95 version of “Randolph Safehouse” Railroad side quest obtained from Drummer Boy. The Safehouse locations are random!

Quest Reward:
Institute Killer Weave mod – Grants 10% bonus damage against Institute members and synths –

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Randolph Safehouse 3 (The Shamrock Taphouse) – Fallout 4

The Shamrock Taphouse version of the Railroad side quest “Randolph Safehouse” from Drummer Boy.

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